Remembering Our City Roots

Brilliant oil on canvas illustrations showcasing significant historical events and periods that shaped USA cities as we know it.

Experience the Magic of America's Iconic Landmarks and Historical Treasures

Akii Map canvases serve as both a unique and educational piece of art, showcasing USA’s geography in a beautiful and creative way.

A True Unique Work of Art

Unwavering commitment to their craft is exemplified in their meticulous attention to detail and tireless efforts to bring their grandiose visions to life on expansive canvases.

Check Out Our Work

The City of Milwaukee is the 31st largest populated city in read more…

The City of Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States read more…

The City of New York is the largest city of the country read more…

From Imagination to Masterpieces

Jesus Avila and Rodolfo Ramirez are both exceptional individuals with remarkable backgrounds, showcasing their exceptional talents. Their outstanding achievements and skills have resulted in masterpieces that are truly a sight to behold.

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