Las Vegas was founded in 1905 by William A. Clark. It is the 28th largest city in the country.

Native Americans native to the area were the Paleo-Paiute.

Las Vegas was named by Rafael Rivera in 1829; settlers arrived in the area due to the opening construction of the railroad that linked Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City.

In 1939 work began to construct the Hoover Dam. Attracting many young male workers, this ignited attractions such as bars, theaters, gambling establishments and later on casinos, all of which enabled the construction of many hotels in the area.

It’s no secret that Casinos were started largely by the Mafia. In 1941 Thomas Hull built El Rancho, the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip.

Jewish gangster Bugsy Siegel with financial support of the organized crime mob, built the Flamingo casino in 1946. It was the first mega resort which led Las Vegas to become SIN CITY.

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