Pleasant place by the big water, the City of Milwaukee is the 31st largest populated city in the USA and 5th largest in the Midwest.

Original Native Americans native to the area are the Menominee, Potawatomi, Fox and the Ojibwa.

Milwaukee is widely known for its breweries and sports teams.

Founded in 1846, its first city Mayor Solomon Juneau, one of the founders.
The city has a long history of immigrants from Germany, Poland, French Canadians, just to name a few.

In the Milwaukee Akii Map the Tornado image is absent from Milwaukee because this work happens to be the very first work that was done and the idea of the Tornado started with the second map Chicago with it being called the Windy City.

Within the Milwaukee map you will get to see images that show the times of the Underground railroad.

Together in the map a composition of all 4 major breweries that went national, our own Harley Davidson, the letter O with a flower in the center, dedicated to Oprah because of Milwaukee being where she grew up.

All of the most important structures and buildings along with image of main entrance of Summer Fest “City of Festivals” all of this is what makes Milwaukee such a unique and special place.

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