The Narrative and Sole Purpose of These Pieces of Art

The original work of art, oil on canvas, measuring “5.5” by “8” was created to showcase the beauty and history of major cities in the United States of America.

The focal main image is the map of the USA alone in the darkness of space, as if to say we stand alone in the Universe, we are the greatest country in the world.

Each work of art is dedicated to a city, and at the center of each one will include the map of the state of the city being represented.

An image of a Native American Tipi, even though not all Native American Nations in the states used this type of Tipi, it’s a symbolic image. Included are names of Native American Nations written in the region where they originate within each particular state.

Each state map will include the state flag, bird, flower, a bald eagle and the state’s capital building. A star will highlight where the city is located and included around the star will be the date of when the city was founded.

20 consistent images will appear within the main map in every one of the Akii Maps. A tornado that highlights sports and sport teams of the city. 

The anchor on the lower right side of the map happens to be the signature of the artist, the anchor symbolizes the cross of Christ and it has other special meaning to the creator of The My City Maps. 

Below the image of a ghost and cemetery, the most significant natural disaster or tragedy of the city will be depicted.

The sentence IN GOD WE TRUST will appear within the maps.
Included is a pink ribbon bow, a symbol of support for breast cancer. 

A Ghost on the upper right side, one of the biggest holidays of this country happens to be Halloween and most don’t know the meaning, it’s important to learn about our culture.

The Police badge of the city, the year when it was founded around the badge, and the phrase BACK THE BADGE.

A rainbow in support of our LGBTQ+ community.

An image representing the City’s Fire Department to celebrate city heroes.

Cathedral or Basilica of the city and structures of other religions.

Image of a German man, honoring European contributions to the USA. The German man image is also the image of Master artist Mr. Rodolfo Ramirez, one of the painters of these works.

An Irish Dance shoe to honor European cultures.

The Star of David, which is always on the lower right side, represents the Jewish community, their religion and struggles.

Around the state map is the nickname of the city.
A flag of the USA.

A Monarch butterfly, every year we are visited by millions of Monarch butterflies from Michoacan Mexico. 

The word JuanGa appears around the butterfly; it honors the singer songwriter from Michoacán Juan Gabriel who too conquered the country and left an important trace of greatness.

A city hospital with the sentence HEROES WORK HERE.

And just outside the map an image of the creator’s artist hand will appear around our Milky Way.

Each map has important images of building structures of the city being represented, some are historical and some recently constructed.

What you’ll find here at Akii Maps are original compositions by artists to tell stories and history of the city.

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